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ASG Dropshipping's China factory sourcing service provides you with cost-effective manufacturing solutions through an extensive network of partners. We offer over 2,200 factories from our supplier system from all over China, which not only guarantees product quality, but also helps you to secure the most competitive prices and favorable payment terms, ensuring your manufacturing process is both cost-effective and efficient.

Solving the MOQ obsession

Dropshipping offers merchants a flexible supply chain solution with no or low MOQ limitations through its partner low MOQ supplement manufacturer. Merchants can fulfill small orders and avoid inventory backlogs, while responding quickly to market changes and meeting customer needs. This model is particularly suitable for start-ups and merchants looking to expand their product lines, as it lowers the barrier to entry and improves market competitiveness.

2023 Yangtze River Delta Cross-Border E-commerce Fair

Test China Factory Sourcing Service

We offer trial discounts for China factory sourcing services. You can try our services before entering into a long-term partnership. This allows you to get a feel for our expertise and quality of service. Contact us today to learn more about our trial offer.

pay more attention to business

Sourcing directly from Chinese suppliers without detailed production oversight is both time-consuming and risky.ASG Dropshipping’s mission is to facilitate manufacturing in China by planning, supervising, and completing production to ensure that business is conducted safely and products are produced in a timely manner. Our guided approach to import sourcing prevents unforeseen problems from occurring.

china factory sourcing

A good process is half the battle

Step 1 : Price Negotiation
When you have any sourcing request ,we will find factories to start price negotiation,until we find good price for you , so we suggest you give us your target price at first .
Step 2 : Start Produce
When you confirm the price of the product we will notify the factory to generate it and follow up the production, or the supplier will ship it directly from the inventory.
Step 3 : Product Inventory
When the products arrive at our warehouse, we will check the products for you to make sure the quality and quantity of the products, and then put them on the warehouse shelves.
Step 4 : Shipment of Goods
When customers order, our system will display the customer's courier information, and according to your requirements to choose the appropriate express to send the goods in time .
Step 5 : After-sales Service
After the customer receives the product, if the product is damaged and completely unusable, as long as it is not man-made intentional damage, we have a complete after-sales policy support.

FAQ on Procurement and Manufacturing Services in China

ASG Dropshipping’s vision is to help more global e-commerce merchants to solve the problems often encountered when sourcing from china factory Sourcing, such as sourcing, logistics and so on. After years of business development, we have become a leader in the Dropshipping field, able to integrate with shopify and so on, to provide a comprehensive solution for e-commerce sellers sourcing and order management.

ASG Dropshipping’s supplier pool has more than 2,200 physical manufacturers with a wide range of products. We cut out the traders and go directly to the source to find the right products, we know the real market price of different products and can negotiate the lowest price for you! We advise our customers to provide as much specific information about the goods as possible when requesting a product quote.

Not all factories are suitable for ASG Dropshipping, and for customers who require a CSR audit of their factories, we will ensure that we only request quotes from suppliers with up-to-date audit reports. Where a CSR audit is not required, we will still only work with suppliers that we know, trust and can provide proof of qualification of the product or quality of the product, e.g. SGS certificates.

ASG Dropshipping specializes in several consumer product categories, and if the requested product is not a consumer product, we may not have the expertise or resources to help.
Production is dependent on scale, so we may not be able to fulfill certain product requests. Upon receipt of your quote request, we will review it carefully and let you know if we can help.

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