quality inspection services

ASG vientiane BIGBUY takes product quality seriously. That’s why you should choose us as your import partner in China.

When you choose our Pro Plan and use our selected suppliers, we will guarantee the quality of your products.

         If we find defective products during the product inspection in our warehouse, we will help you replace them for free.
         If you find product defects 15 days after you receive the goods and provide evidence of them, we will send a replacement or compensate you.

General Inspection

1.Visual Inspection:

Checking product appearance, workmanship, functions, and specific requirements to catch defects.

Verifying product quantity matches order to prevent under or over shipments.

Conducting simple or complex safety and compliance tests to ensure products work as intended.

Checking packaging condition, sturdiness for transport, and ensuring label accuracy.

By reviewing these inspection points, products can be thoroughly examined for quality and specifications to ensure they meet all agreed upon terms and standards when delivered to the buyer. This is a critical process for product quality control.

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