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Why is ASG Dropshipping ?

Extensive supplier system

With over 2300 suppliers in our supply system, we stand out from typical dropshipping agencies that only work with wholesalers and help clients buy ready-made products. We specialize in finding and sourcing directly from competitive factories.

Lower Shipping Cost

We focus on sourcing as our main source of profit, unlike typical dropshipping companies that have profit expectations on logistics. We provide dropshipping as a convenient shipping solution for our clients.

Greater personalization options

We are an experienced Dropshipping company that specializes in customizing and manufacturing products. We can help you with product development, packaging customization, and other services that other dropshipping companies may not provide.

Store Integration and Support

We can integrate your store with our system seamlessly if you use a global e-commerce platform like Shopify. Our dedicated IT team can provide comprehensive technical support for your store, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

4 Steps to Dropship with ASG Vientiane BIGBUY

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