Sourcing Agent 101: Who are They? How They Work? How They Charge?

Nowadays, sourcing agents and sourcing companies play an increasingly important role in managing international supply chains. However, many small businesses are still confused about sourcing agents, especially there is ambiguous and outdated information online misleading them.

Therefore, I sort out 8 buyers’ most concerned and confused questions about sourcing agencies and give you the most objective answers in this post.

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1. What is a Sourcing Agent or Sourcing Company?

2. Sourcing Agent VS Sourcing Company

3. What Services do Sourcing Agencies Provide?

4. Who Needs a Sourcing Agent or Sourcing Company?

5. How does Sourcing Agent or Sourcing Company Charge?

6. Analyzing Sourcing Agents Issues

7. Practical Tips to Find Reliable Sourcing Agents or Agencies

8. Where to Find the Best Sourcing Agent in China for Your Business

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