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Indoor Lighting

Lighting significantly influences home design, available in diverse forms such as ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, pendants, and more. LED bulbs prevail as the most widely utilized lighting materials for indoor applications.

Decorative Lights

Decorative lights, beyond illumination, offer changeable colors and styles, elevating ambiance. Festive lights, especially in the US and EU markets, add celebratory charm during holidays, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Special Lighting

Offering specialized lighting equipment such as UV sterilization lamps and grow lights tailored for cultivation, these differ from traditional LED bulbs due to their specific functions and targeted purposes.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting spans various types like wall wash, lawn, garden, floodlights, underwater, and street lights. These fixtures demand waterproof and dustproof features to endure outdoor conditions reliably.


Scented candles, niche products with low production costs and high profits, predominantly feature jar and uniquely shaped variants. Customized packaging serves as a potent marketing strategy for these items.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting requires internet connectivity, allowing energy-saving features and remote/voice control. Their advanced functionalities demand superior materials, leading to higher production costs.

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