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Gardening Tools

Essential gardening tools like shovels, saws, buckets, blades, and yard carts are key, with electrical equipment now offering greater efficiency for gardeners.

Fake Plants & Flowers

Located in Wuxi, a hub for artificial plants and flowers in China, our main materials include silk, velvet fabric, foam, and plastic.

Plant Pots

We assist in customizing plant and flowerpots using various materials such as ceramic, metal, wood, plastic, cloth, and paper.

Growing Supplies

Growing supplies, designed with controllable lights, help indoor plants thrive by ensuring they’re always in the best environment.

Garden Wear

In gardening, common attire includes cut-resistant gloves, boots, and hooded shirts, all crafted from waterproof and durable materials.

Garden Accessories

Garden accessories, designed to decorate, organize, and protect, include products like simulated birds, anti-insect nets, and wooden pot shelves.

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