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Outdoor Furniture

We can help source quality affordable outdoor furniture – garden sets, dining sets, poolside furniture in various materials. Customize with our wide selection. Let us know your outdoor furniture needs.

Home Furniture

ASG Vientiane BIGBUY can help source quality home furniture at competitive prices – high-end or low-cost, classic or contemporary, wood or synthetic. Let us know your home furnishing procurement needs.

Office Furniture

Sourcing office furniture from China can be cost-effective. We offer procurement services for a wide range of creative office desks, storage, tables and more. With our China expertise and supplier network, we can help find quality office furniture that fits your budget.

Kid's Furniture

We can source a range of quality children’s furniture from China – bedroom sets, school desks etc. We ensure all regulatory certificates like CPSIA, CE are provided. With our expertise, we help you cost-effectively furnish safe, stylish spaces for kids.

Bathroom Furniture

Find the perfect blend of style and utility in our bathroom furniture range, featuring innovative shelves, comfortable shower chairs, and versatile cabinets in diverse designs.

Bedroom Furniture

As a dedicated dropship agent, I specialize in sourcing diverse, high-quality bedroom furnishings – from the elegance of wood to the modernity of metal and glass – ensuring a chic and customized look for every home.

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