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We’ve curated a diverse selection of cosmetics – from eyeshadows and lipsticks to masks, nail glue, and eyelashes – tailored to meet our clients’ unique preferences

Tools & Accessories

Catering to both newcomers and experienced importers, an extensive array of makeup tools is available. This inclusive selection encompasses brushes, mirrors, nail clippers, and more essential cosmetic accessories

Personal Care

Our range of personal care tools focuses on oral, lip, skin, and body care essentials. Discover items like facial cleansers, electric toothbrushes, soap, and ear candles designed for comprehensive self-care.

Medical Supplies

Continual demand remains for medical essentials, expanding beyond surgical masks to include pollen-resistant options. Also to capitalize on the shifting market demand, as the impact of COVID-19 diminishes and the need for anti-pollen masks grows.

Hair Supplies & Wigs

We provide a range of hair accessories and tools, including wigs, hairbands, clips, electric hair curlers, combs, scissors, hair dryers, and more. Wigs particularly enjoy high popularity in the American and African markets.

Cosmetic containers

Our diverse cosmetics packaging solutions, including jars, bottles, tubes, and bags in plastic, glass, fabric, and acrylic materials, are ideal for creating unique private label products.

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