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China is largest apparel producer and exporter worldwide. Factors like low labor costs, manufacturing infrastructure, and government support have enabled China’s apparel industry to thrive. China dominates global apparel supply chains and leads exports.

Clothes Accessories

We source competitive-priced clothes accessories in China. Our supplier network and expertise enable customization to your specifications. Contact us to discuss your accessory procurement needs.

Underwear Panties

We source diverse panties – seamless, daily, sexy. Wholesale or customize any style you want. Experienced in underwear procurement and customization. Contact us to discuss your panties needs.

Jewelry Accessories

With over 10 years of experience in the jewelry business, we’ve partnered with over 40 jewelry factories in long-term cooperation. We help create brand-new designs or improve existing styles for your jewelry accessories as per your needs.


We help you find sock factories with low MOQs (only $300 minimum). Get the latest knitted sock styles or customize designs from our extensive network. No need for high volumes to start procuring quality socks.


We can help source a wide range of fashion shoes such as casual shoes, children’s shoes, boots and footwear accessories. We can even help you customize your shoes with patterns and more!

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